2/52 — Mr. Roman eating his puffs all by himself. The past week has found my guy eating on his own. On New Year’s Day, my sister introduced us to puffs & Roman’s been hooked ever since. This boy chews likes it’s nobody’s business. He eats teething cookies, every different kind of puff you can imagine, and even pizza crust. If he can chew gum it (and make it soft enough that mama feels alright about him safely swallowing it) then he’s in heaven. I never would have imagined that a baby could eat so much. Then again, he is my child… Ah hem. Seriously though, he just eats & eats. He never gets full. If I fed him all day, he would eat all day.

7 thoughts on “2/52”

  1. He’s beautiful! Every milestone is so bittersweet. My kids couldn’t get enough of those puffs either. And I remember when one container would last forever. If they see them now, they could take down a whole thingie in one sitting.

  2. I swear every time you post a picture of him – he just gets cuter and cuter. Which seems impossible, because he’s pretty darn adorable.

    Reagan was obsessed with those gerber puffs in the little star shapes. She loved them! And I may or may not have become obsessed with the banana ones. I always feel a tad weird buying baby food for myself, ha.

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