1. Eating on the Road: Local Food and Long Distance Cravings: I have fallen so in love with this blog.

Part of the experience of traveling is giving up the familiar comforts of home and seeing everything from a new perspective. It’s awkward and frustrating but also brilliant and life changing.

2. You’ve Got to Serve Yourself: Brandon is biking from Berlin to Beijing and sharing his journey along the way. He is an incredible mixture of spiritual & down-to-earth. I eagerly await all of his posts from the road.

3. The secret life of my ugly self: Do you ever have “ugly” days? You know, those days when you look in the mirror and no matter what you do you just look like shit? Yea, I have those too. I loved this post. Read it to find out how to accept & embrace your ugly days—for good.

4. Why Travel and Being a Girl Rocks: Travel? Being a girl? Two of my favourite things! This is a must-read for female travelers & the men who travel with them.

5. I trusted my gut and got screwed & Why can’t I get a girlfriend?: I’ve always loved reading advice columns. There is something intriguing & voyeuristic about hearing other people’s problems. Hearing how the advice-givers will respond is the cherry on top.

6. Living Abroad For Less Than $1000 Per Month: I know that I link to Earl’s blog a lot, but I can’t help it. He is a super-sweet guy with the most amazing stories to tell. In this post he talks about all of the different places around the world where he’s lived for dirt cheap. If you’ve been wanting to travel but have been using money as an excuse, read this post!

7. Sight Unseen – Investing Time Or Money With Less Info:

The moment you stop saying “this sucks” and start saying “I want _____” you’re laying a path for yourself.

8. The Sweet Sting of Rejection: Been rejected, burned, cast aside, rebuffed, or shunned recently? Yes? You should read this post. No? You should still read this post. Learn how to accept & embrace rejection with grace.

9. If You Want to Survive Out Here, You’ve Got to Know Where Your Towel Is: Colin has been road-tripping it across the US for awhile now. His tried & true advice from his adventures on the road are priceless.

Are you open to the possibility that – under the right circumstances – a big wad of toilet paper can look a whole lot like a towel?

10. Passive Aggressive Notes : This site describes itself as: Painfully polite and hilariously hostile writings from shared spaces all over the world. Alright, I am probably the world’s biggest advocate against passive aggressive behavior, but this is just hysterical!

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  10. Awesome list Dena! And that is one of the most amazing pics of Chicago I have ever seen! I’m proud to be a Chicagoan! Woo hoo! Anyways I’ve seen 3 of these epic posts and couldn’t agree more of their deserving on this list. The other 7 are equally deserving! Good stuff Dena!

    1. Mark – Hey there! Thank you so much for stopping by. I’m really glad that you enjoyed the posts and the photograph of Chicago. Isn’t it just gorgeous. Going to head over to Twitter and follow you there. Look forward to staying connected.

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  13. Hey Dena, yeah the post was great. I just got finished trolling through all posts and link tangents. And seriously one of best pics of Chicago I’ve seen! Thanks for the twitter follow!

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