Dreaming of Spring Style

February 15, 2017

Spring Toddler Style //

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We are in the dead of winter here in the northeast. Although it’s been a mild winter (so grateful!) we got hit with a couple of big snowstorms last week. Snow is so pretty in December, but come February and I am completely over it.

That doesn’t keep me from dreaming about spring though. I know it’s right around the corner. It’s got me thinking about the sweet days ahead when it will no longer take us ten minutes of bundling up just to get out the door.

Spring & summer style is so much fun and I am already eyeing up a few adorable outfits for my little ones. These pieces from Ladida have got me all heart-eyed. If you’re looking for gorgeous designer children’s clothing, Ladida has got you covered.

Whereever you are I hope that you are warm and happy and dreaming of the sweetness of spring. xo

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‘Back to School’ Style // Eyewear

September 9, 2016

“Back to School” season is in full swing and this year it’s been hitting our home extra hard, because Roman just started preschool! It’s been such an exciting first week for him and our family as we’ve gathered around to cheer him on.

Having a reason to do a little extra autumn shopping & styling for my baby boy is such a joy for me. I just adore all of the autumn colors and styles in the stores these days. Rich golden yellow, deep red hues, and the warmest browns are everywhere. I love finding adorable ways to keep my babies looking stylish & comfortable.

One of my favorite ways to add a cute detail to their looks is with glasses. There is something beyond adorable about the way the perfect frame just finishes their look and compliments their sweet, little faces.

One of my favorite places to find fashion eyewear at a great value for me & my kids is JCPenney Optical. Their selection has everything that you need for fun, style, and Back to School.

fall fashion eyewear //

And while I’m on the subject, I have to share these gorgeous Cover Girl frames from JCPenney Optical that I’ve fallen in love with.

fall fashion eyewear //

fall fashion eyewear //

I couldn’t decide between the brown or the black frames, so I took to Snapchat to ask my friends for their thoughts. It looks like I’m going to go with the brown!

fall fashion eyewear //

If you happen to be in the market for frames for yourself or your little ones, head in to JCPenney Optical today, the Labor Day Sale lasts through the end of the day and you can get 60% off a pair of frames!

Happy Friday, friends. I hope that you have a beautiful weekend and that your little ones first week back to school was a great success. xo

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On Needing a Purse, Again + Autumn

August 30, 2016

autumn apple orchard //

When Roman was born, I had a shiny new diaper bag, chock full of “necessities.” There were diapers and rash creams; changing pads, blankets; bottles, bottle coolers; pacifiers, toys, several changes of clothes; and so on. Basically, whatever I could dream of needing was in that bag. My personal necessities were in there, too–keys, wallet, phone, lip gloss. It was new, important, and I wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without it.

Fast-forward to becoming a mother of two, and I swear to goodness, I haven’t even seen a diaper bag since before she was born. What do I do now? Throw everything in a good old plastic shopping bag moments before we head out. And by everything, I mean three diapers, a pack of wipes, and a change of clothes (if we’re going to be gone for awhile).

Ha! Yup. That’s it. It’s a little embarrassing to admit and it’s probably the biggest fashion faux-pas that I’ve ever committed; but it’s the truth. I wanted to write it down here for memory’s sake, because it’s about to change.

Since I had my first baby, nearly three-and-half (WTF?) years ago, I stopped carrying a purse. Whether it was a real diaper bag or a plastic shopping bag, I always threw whatever I needed in the baby’s bag and I was good to go. However, yesterday I went to a bridal shower. When I sat down at the beautifully set table, I realized that my hands were precariously filled by my cell phone, wallet, lip gloss, and sunglasses. And I had absolutely nowhere to put the damned things. That’s when I realized that it was time–time to start carrying a purse once again.

In part, it breaks my heart, the end of an era. It reminds me that my babies really aren’t babies anymore. Roman is starting preschool in a few days and Marina is no longer a baby, but now a full-blown toddler. My mama heart can hardly stand it.

Aside from the emotions of it, I have to say, it’s been a good run. I’ve enjoyed not carrying a purse. It’s been liberating. When people asked me to carry things for them, or to take something that I didn’t want to take, I could honestly say, “No, I can’t.” It was nice not heaving that extra appendage to carry around– full of crumbs, old receipts, and random pieces of gum that had escaped their wrappers. Hallelujah.

But, alas, it is time. This time around I’ve opted for a simple, easy-to-carry purse. I’m making it a high priority to keep it clean and full of only the bare essentials this time around. I plan to continue saying no when I do not want to carry or take something. I’ll let you know how it all works out.

On another note, how is it going to be September on Thursday!? I. Can’t. Even. Deal.

‘Til next time… xo

Rainbows & Bandana Bibs

August 3, 2016



Okay those two pictures above are definitely my two new favorites. How sweet are my babes? And also, how big are they getting!? (Too big!) Ahhh, I’m so in love with those little faces!

The other day we had been planning a late afternoon picnic out in the yard. Finally the time came and we got all ready to head out. Just then we noticed the sky turning dark and within minutes it was pouring. It was such a disappointment! That last hour before bedtime is always one of the hardest of the day for me. That’s why I love to get outside at that time. Usually we take a walk to the park or have a snack & run around in the yard to get out our pre-bedtime jitters.



Since the rain was keeping us inside that day we did a little impromptu picnic on the kitchen floor. You can see those outtakes at the bottom of the post. The great news, however, is almost as quickly as that storm came on, it drifted away. With less than an hour before dark, the rain had faded to a light drizzle and we decided to adventure on out after all.




I was walking toward the grass, looking down at my camera, when Roman pointed up at the sky behind me, “Look, Mama, a rainbow.” The most gorgeous rainbow was, indeed, sprawled across the sky. The most stunning gift that follows many storms. I am so glad that Roman pointed it out to me, there’s a good chance I might have missed it otherwise! His curiosity and attention to detail constantly take my breath away. I have so much to learn from these dear babies of mine.



I’d like to take a moment now to talk about those adorable bandana bibs that they are wearing in this post. They were a gift from our friend, Ann, at Ikkletots Bibs. Ann is an amazing mama to two daughters, and a grandmother to three little ones.

She started Ikkletots Bibs with the hope of selling a range of bandana bibs with unique designs. Her pieces are contemporary with strong colors that coordinate with most outfits. Her quality-made bibs stay the course. I absolutely love them for my little ones. They are stylish and highly absorbent — perfect for drooling babies and messy meal times! Ann has over 155 five-star reviews and counting.

Her girl’s line of bibs are found here: girl bandana bibs and her boy’s line is here: boy bandana bibs. You can find Ann on Facebook and on Pinterest, too.



^^ My sweet baby girl! Doesn’t she remind you of Pebbles Flintstone? ^^




Thanks so much to Ikkletots for sponsoring this post and thanks to you, my friends, for reading! xo

portraits 04 // roman + marina {featuring LAYOP Kids}

October 2, 2015


LAYOP Kids //

Along with this month’s portraits, I’m really excited to introduce you to LAYOP Kids. LAYOP stands for Live At Your Own Pace — a sentiment that I wholeheartedly support. It’s perfect for my little Roman who is constantly reminding me to slow down and enjoy life at a comfortable speed.

LAYOP started out as a clothing line for adults and this autumn they’ve launched a line for kids. LAYOP offers simple, clean designs on quality, timeless products. They sent us a few pieces from their children’s line to try out and we are impressed. In fact, Roman asks if he can wear his “turtle shirt” every morning.

The sketch turtle shirt that he is wearing in these photos is the softest shirt that he has. It has that comfy, worn-in feeling that you can usually only find in truly quality vintage t-shirts. I want it for myself! We also got a couple of adorable pieces for Marina that I’m just loving at the moment. My babies will be getting a lot of use out of these pieces.

LAYOP Kids //

LAYOP Kids //

LAYOP Kids //

LAYOP Kids //

Marina Grace //

LAYOP Kids //

LAYOP Kids //

Marina Grace //

LAYOP Kids //

Best part? LAYOP is generously giving away two (a boy style & a girl style) of the adorable shirts from their new line to one lucky reader. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The LAYOP kids line features four adorable characters and you can learn all about them here. You can also connect with LAYOP kids on Instagram and Facebook, too.

You can see more posts in our portrait series, here.

This post is in partnership with LAYOP clothing. As always all thoughts & opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting my blog & my family.

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