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01. the other night i just needed to take a ride, i found myself near the stables at dusk // 02. this was my 37 week belly, very reminiscent of a beach ball // 03. spring weather is so enticing, passing up laundry for reading in the sunshine // 04. a snap of a blossoming tree in the streetlight // 05. our spearmint came up all on its own this year + spread like wildfire — iced tea time! // 06. my sister‘s beautiful baby, aden gerard, two months already // 07 + 08. our living/dining spaces, i’m finally getting around to decorating, works in progress

all photographs via my instagram. follow me @ denabotbyl.

happy tuesday, loves! ♥

3 thoughts on “instagram snaps of life // 02”

    1. now that baby boy is out of there it’s so surreal to look at pictures of the belly. HE was in THERE!?! haha…

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