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I hate chores. I love to have fun. (Shocking, I know!) 😉 I always thought that chores and fun were on completely separate paths and never the two shall meet. But then… I decided to get creative.

  • I listen to Johnny Cash while cleaning my kitchen. (Cleaning + dancing/singing = win.)
  • I gave up the gym and started hiking/yoga. (Nature/zen + exercise = win.)
  • I listen to audiobooks on my iPhone whilst stamping envelopes. (Administrative work + Virginia Woolf = win.)
  • I buy fresh flowers when I go to the market. (Groceries + pretty flowers = win.)
  • I wear my bikini whilst gardening. (Digging + tanning/Vitamin D explosion = win.)

There are so many ways to spice up and enjoy the mundane tasks in our lives. We’ve just got to get creative. Since starting this healthy, happy habit, I’ve noticed a huge boost in my mood and a dramatic decrease in my blood pressure.

Why not give it a try? What can you do to start making your chores more fun? What about… Blowing bubbles while mowing the lawn? Blasting Bohemian Rhapsody during your morning commute? Ballroom dancing with the mop whilst washing the floors?  Riding on a scooter around the office?

I don’t know… ENJOY IT! Life’s too short not to.

8 thoughts on “Make work fun.”

  1. You’re right, life is short and we should try to enjoy it, even the chores. I guess that I don’t mind doing the usual house chores like yard work, laundry, etc. I usually just sort of “zone out” while doing the yard work so time passes quickly.

    As for the laundry, the lovely Miss TK and I split that up and share the folding, hanging etc. So we squeeze that in between TV, computer time or whatever.

    I always have music on around the house on the weekend mornings so that helps pass the time as well. All in all, music and a good attitude does the trick in the same way as yoga, zen and flowers. All Good!!

    1. I think that it is so sweet that you and Miss TK split up the laundry chores. Having music on around the house makes such a difference, doesn’t it? I find that no matter what kind of mood I’m in — when a good song pops on — I’m instantly lifted! 🙂

  2. My co-worker and I are trying to make work more enjoyable by making sure we take a walk outside in the afternoon. The sunshine and the ocean brighten our day and make the workday more enjoyable.

    1. That is such a fantastic idea, Matt! Taking a little while to step outside of the office each day is critical. Plus, just the act of walking is so good for your body & for your mood. Gets those endorphins pumping. 😉

  3. I love this!!! I also have music playing when I am doing everything. And when I am alone I sing really loud and usually dance. This morning Britney Spears came on and I had my own dance party! It was awesome. I also garden in my bathing suit too. Who wants weird tan lines right? Thanks for sharing. I am going to try and come up with crazy things to do that I haven’t tried yet.

  4. I have been thinking the exact same thing about hiking and yoga… I just need a hiking buddy that doesn’t always flake!! hehe. This is a sweet post and a sweet reminder to enjoy the little things… thanks 🙂 xx

    1. If you lived closer we could totally be hiking buddies! There are so many amazing trails near my house.

      So glad the post served as a positive reminder. XO

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