The harshest winter of my lifetime is slowly creeping to an end. It’s below freezing again today, but it warmed up enough to start melting snow over the weekend. We took advantage and went on our first real nature walk since autumn.

Roman is really coordinated now and it was wonderful to share little bits of nature with him as we walked. I gave him a pine cone, a couple of sticks, a long bit of vine, and rocks in various shapes & sizes. He was most impressed with the pine cone and held onto it for at least thirty minutes, pulling off tiny pieces & tossing them into the wind. It’s truly wonderful to share the magic of the outdoors with him. The homes that we lived in growing up were surrounded by forest or had woods nearby. As a child, I followed streams, caught lizards, climbed trees, and went on daily adventures. I am so grateful that Roman will get to do the same.

I left my big camera at home & took these snaps with my iPhone, so a selfie was mandatory. 😉


7 thoughts on “Nature Walk in March”

  1. It was in the 50’s for a few days last week, and it was heaven! It’s suppose to be 55 on Thursday & Friday and I am so looking forward to taking Reagan nature exploring after school. I grew up on almost an acre of land in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by corn fields & tons of trees – I loved it. I’m a bit bummed that Reagan won’t experience that to the extent that I did(we’re in a small suburban neighborhood) – but we’re so close to lots of nature parks, which is good. It’s funny, growing up I always hated living in the country and wanted nothing more than to live in a “neighborhood”, and now all I want it to be surrounded by corn fields & chickens again, ha.


  2. so precious 🙂 i love the look of “just” iphone pictures sometimes!! roman sounds just so sweet. your words remind me of when i was a mother to only one. my roman and i had such sweet, slow days together!

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