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Yesterday, I spent the day at one of my absolute favourite placesโ€”The Renaissance Faire! If you are not familiar, a Renaissance Faire is a recreation of a Renaissance or Medieval village. They are filled with costumed actors, crafts and games to give patrons the illusion that they have stepped back in time. The New York Renaissance Faire (which is only twenty minutes from my house!) features over 125 performance on 20 stages and over 100 craftspeople set on 65 acres of beautiful Sterling Forest. If you are ever in my area (Northern New Jersey or even in NYC) in August – September, I highly recommend making a visit to the faire.

Some of my favourite stops at the faire are the bird aviary, the archery show (featuring Lady Marian & Robinhood!), the tightrope walker, the gypsy belly-dancers,the faerie forest, and of course all of the delicious food & magical shoppes.

Here are a few snaps that I took on my iPhone yesterday. I had so much fun!

evolutionyou.net | renaissance faire

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evolutionyou.net | renaissance faire

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Hope you’ve had a gorgeous weekend!

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6 thoughts on “The Renaissance Faire”

  1. I love all kind of medieval fairs. I remember one I went to every year in France (in Chinon castle). Many peoleof the city were living as medieval people during the whole week which added to the authenticity of the fair.
    Thank you for sharing the experience.

    1. Thank you, Manuel! These fairs are such great fun. I am so impressed with all of the actors. They look, act, and feel so authentic. It really is like traveling backward in time. I could spend days wandering there. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I should absolutely love to attend the fair that you mentioned–in a real French castle! That must be simply amazing.

  2. These are always fun, I went to one in Birmingham, England two years ago and it was a riot. The really cool thing is that it was set on an area that had a real castle and museum so it was an all day and night affair.

    Love the face paint.

    1. Thanks, Lou! The festival must be stunning at a real castle. The faire in Tuxedo is just an old amusement park site. They really do make it a great experience though. I should love to attend one at a real castle someday. Pure magic!

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