Yesterday morning we had our first snowfall of the year. The first snowfall is always magical but being that it was Roman’s very first, it was all the more special. Me being me, I just couldn’t resist bundling ourselves up & heading out into the early morning to snap some photographs to document the occasion.

^^^ Our little Bella Beretta off in the distance, she just refuses to pose properly for a picture ^^^

^^^ I like these guys, a lot 😉 ^^^

^^^ Our little house dusted in snow. In December, we’ll have been here for 5 years! ^^^

Happy Wednesday, friends! xo

* * *

10 thoughts on “Roman’s First Snowfall”

    1. Thank you, love! I didn’t let him touch the snow. I was so focused on keeping him warm that I forgot to do that. Next time I’ll remember. 🙂

  1. I always love the first snow fall! We only got a couple of flurries yesterday! 🙁
    The pictures are gorgeous! And your house looks adorable – have you done a home tour? (I promise I’m not trying to sound like a creeper, I just love seeing how other people have decorated their houses because I am the worst at decorating!)

    1. I haven’t done a home tour. My house was under construction for aaaages… but now that everything is done, it’s a great idea! I will definitely do one. Even though I’m a terrible decorator, too. Did you do one? I’d love to see.

      1. Noooo, my house is far from being “done”. There’s still so much stuff we need! Maybe when everything is in order I’ll do one. It’s pretty small, so there wouldn’t be much to it!

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