What a difference a month makes! The differences in Roman’s abilities from six-months to seven-months have been the most profound yet. On December 1st, he started sitting up on his own. On December 7th, he started pushing himself up into a “crawl” position. And the next day, December 8th, he broke his first tooth and then crawled (well, scooted) for the first time! What an extraordinary couple of weeks it has been. His development is picking up speed at a rapid pace. It’s so exciting around here. It’s beautiful & scary, happy & sad, all at once. I see my baby turning into a boy every day and it makes my heart hurt a little bit. But he is interacting with me in wonderful, new ways, too, and that makes my heart swell with joy & love. This motherhood thing is more of a roller-coaster than I ever could have imagined & I’m grateful for every moment of it.

My sweet Roman! You are seven-months-old. You are the wildest spirit. You are incredibly strong. You try your Mama’s muscles & nerves. You make your Papa beam with pride. You are the light of our lives. Every day I sing, “You Are My Sunshine,” to you and every day I mean it even more. Hugs and kisses forever & always.

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