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We’re just a week or so away from daylight savings & spring and I can’t even begin to say what that means to me. But of course, I’m going to try.

  • It means that we’re about to gain an hour of daylight.
  • It means that I survived this winter that I was certain would drag me down and kill me.
  • It means that we all survived Marina’s first year!
  • It means that I’m just on the cusp of altering my life in inexplicable, wonderful ways.
  • It means that we won’t be trapped much longer.
  • It means everything, just everything.

March is the bridge month. It’s the in between. I welcome it with open arms. It will carry us across the river into the warmth, away from the cold and the dark, and into the light. My heart races a little bit just thinking about it. All of the good that is on the way–sunshine, adventure, excitement, love.

Life can be so hard. So very hard. But after the storm, the sun always comes out once again. That’s what March means to me. I’ve seen crocuses popping up and even though it snowed–yet again–this morning, all of the flowers are there, just waiting to burst through the dirt. They’re there, just waiting.

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