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Of All The Things My Hands Have Held…
Thoughts on Childhood
On Motherhood & Not Returning to Work
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Motherhood

Roman James
Roman’s Birth Story
Roman’s 1st Year (Monthly Updates)
52 Week Project with Roman

Marina Grace
Marina’s Birth Story
Marina’s 1st Year (Monthly Updates)

Roman’s Camp-Themed 1st Birthday Party
Marina’s Princess-Themed 1st Birthday Party
Roman’s Cowboy-Themed 2nd Birthday Party
A Halloween Party
An August Birthday Party
First Baby — Shower
Second Baby — Sprinkle

Camping with Toddlers
Family Camping 2014
Family Camping 2015
Hakuna Matata: 8 Lessons I Learned in Kenya
The Catacombs of Paris
Paris: Day Four
The Bronx Zoo
The Camden Aquarium

Goals & Dreams
Practicing Visualization & Reaching Your Goals
How to Beat Self Doubt & Accomplish Anything
How to Survive & Thrive When You Hate Your Job
Pretend & Be: How to Be What You Dream of Being
Create the Life of Your Dreams
The Courage to Confront Your Dream
Let Go of Your Goals & Unleash Your Dreams
Baby Steps into the Free World: How to Put Yourself First & Succeed

Anxiety / CBT
Cognitive Behavior Therapy Saved My Life
How to Combat Anxiety, Panic Attacks, & Depersonalization
Overcome Fear, Lead by Example
Stop Over-thinking & Burn Your Ships
How to Overcome Fear

Happiness & Depression
Do Not Seek Happiness, Live It
Emotional Pain is Conquerable
Spiritual Wealth Equals Physical Health
Conscious Living
Beat Depression, Live Happiness
Heaven is a Place on Earth: How to End Your Personal Suffering

Minimalism: How to Declutter Your Home & Your Soul
Cut the Fat, Transform Your Life
Fight Club Can Change Your Life

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