Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Motherhood

From ages fifteen to twenty-one, I suffered from severe depression and anxiety. Over the course of that time, I visited with countless doctors and therapists. I was prescribed different medications and sat through fruitless therapy sessions. After years without much change, one day, I found a new therapist who specialized in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).… | feathers

Prenatal Depression

How deep they drove themselves into me, the things it was impossible to say aloud. —Sylvia Plath The first trimester of my pregnancy was really hard. When I chose to get pregnant, I expected certain things. I expected the miracle, the joy, the anticipation. I also expected the challenges, but… I wasn’t prepared. For four… | your oldest fears

Your Oldest Fears

Jenny Holzer, Truisms, 1982At the root of every single feeling of discomfort, lies one emotion: fear. Fear is the emotion responsible for all forms of suffering. Sadness, anxiety, worry, rage, hatred, envy, and all other forms of suffering are rooted in fear. However, once you stop resisting the will of the Universe, you will understand…