There is only what is.
The what-should-be never did exist,
but people keep trying to live up to it.
—Lenny Bruce

There is so much that I love about this set of photographs. Roman is wearing my favourite pants and his onesie is my favourite shade of green. My living room is clean. The sun is shining in a lovely way that makes the room bright & cheerful. Roman is doing that wonderful move where one leg is kneeling and one leg is attempting to push himself to standing — this amazing moment in his life, just on the cusp of standing on his own.

The best thing about this set of photographs is how beautiful they are, how many wonderful things they capture, despite what was really going on last week. Fact is, last week was one of the most difficult weeks that I’ve had in the past year, maybe in my life. I cried so much some days that my eyes swelled shut. And yet, here are these lovely moments — the calm in the center of my storm.


8 thoughts on “There is only what is.”

  1. ” Its what you fill those broken places up with,that define your character”.-D.M.

    in these darkest places, you are still finding the light of Roman.

  2. Sorry things are rough, but seriously, I’m glad you see the joy in Roman. It’s the happy pill that will never run out: ) Sometimes I feel that when you’ve had a really hard week or day or whatever, that things turn around quickly and good things start flooding in again.

    and those pants are too cute!

    and we have that same car! Sam LOVES it. I usually have it off and he’ll carry it around everywhere while army crawling: )

  3. Aww, hope things are getting better for you. 🙁 At least you have that gorgeous boy to cheer you up. My little guy makes those same facial expressions, it’s almost uncanny! haha

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