I had visions of writing a sweeping and beautiful post about turning thirty. But then life got in the way. And then I was hit with an awful case of food poisoning (or a stomach bug?) and have been sick as a dog for the past three days.

So, there you have it. Today I am thirty. Maybe eventually I’ll have something wonderful or profound to say about this moment in my life. Or perhaps, it will just float quietly by, much the way that the build up to it has.

In any case, thank you for being here with me to celebrate in this small way. Much love and gratitude, today & always–


18 thoughts on “Thirty-Years-Young”

  1. Happy birthday! Sorry you had to get sick. I hope you at least had time to fully enjoy your birthday! And welcome to the 30s! They are a blast!

  2. Happy Birthday Dena! Not a good way to welcome your 30’s in…make sure to celebrate properly soon. I would do anything to be 30 again… 🙂

  3. Sorry that you are feeling bad on your birthday 🙁 Hope you’ll get a chance to celebrate this weekend! Looking back, I have to say that I was so busy at thirty that I don’t even remember that birthday, LOL.

  4. Aw Dena, I know exactly how you feel. Last year, on my 29th bday I had the worst stomach flu complete with fever and body aches. It was dreadful (and I was still breast feeding – well exclusively pumping). I hope you feel better! xo

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