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    Twelve-Month-Old Roman James :: Roman’s Birthday!

    Dena May 8, 2014

    Yesterday my sweet Roman James turned one. We had a quiet day, played in the yard, watered the lawn, went food shopping, and took care of some birthday party preparations. When Papa got home we ate supper — sausage & peppers, one of Roman’s favourites — and Roman had a slice of cake topped with a single blue candle to commemorate his first year of life. We sang “Happy Birthday”…

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  • The Love Month: My Funny Valentine

    Dena February 3, 2014

    The days of being able to sit my little munchkin down on the floor and snap away taking lovely photographs of his bright smile are gone. This guy is on the move, non-stop. Picture time now requires two adults. One taking the shots (me) and…

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  • Roman’s First Snowfall

    Dena November 13, 2013

    Yesterday morning we had our first snowfall of the year. The first snowfall is always magical but being that it was Roman’s very first, it was all the more special. Me being me, I just couldn’t resist bundling ourselves up & heading out into the…

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  • The First 1000 Days: a baby journal

    Dena April 15, 2013

    My lovely friend gifted me + baby with this precious journal. It’s special because it is different than the typical baby journals. You can use it to track the normal “firsts” — like first step, word, birthday — but it also tracks unique moments —…

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