• Letting Go: One Story of Many

    Dena May 4, 2022

    Shortly after the twins were born, I began writing their birth story. I wanted to write it out while it was all still fresh in my mind. I got most of it written out but I could not bring myself to finish it or to share it. Something was wrong. Now that some 8 months have passed since then, I am just beginning to unravel the reasons why I was…

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  • The Only Thing You Can Control

    Dena April 15, 2022

    Hello, sweet friends. I hope that this message finds you well. I received a warm response to my last post about coming back to this space again and it meant the world to me. My creative energies come & go but they are most definitely…

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  • let me tell the stories;

    Dena April 7, 2022

    Let me go back. Let me tell the stories. They will come out of me in a great heave, the way they always have. All that I have held onto, all that I have held in. Let me release it. Let me tell the stories.…

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  • Money Saving Tips for Mamas

    Dena February 14, 2022

    I’ve always considered myself a saver. Finances were a priority for me for as long as I can remember. As soon as I was old enough, I got my first job. I loved having my own money and being able to purchase the things that…

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  • An Introduction to Abusive Behavior

    Dena February 4, 2022

    Bullying does not just happen to children. Adults can be bullies too. Adult bullying behavior is also called abusive, violent, unstable, narcissistic and psychopathic, to name a few. Whatever word you use to describe it, abusive behavior is at the center of it. First let’s…

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  • Review: Sweave Eucalyptus Sheets

    Dena February 2, 2022

    Hello, sweet friends! It’s February! It’s 02.02.22 to be precise. We survived January. My goodness, to be honest, sometimes I wondered if I would. It was a really hard month for us. We all got sick, I got bullied (more about that soon), and a…

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  • The Allay Lamp

    Dena January 20, 2022

    Night wakings for feeds and diaper changes are two of the particular challenges that all mamas know very well. There is a real art to being able to navigate these needs quietly and efficiently, so as not to stimulate the baby, or in my case…

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  • A Winter Bucket List

    Dena January 12, 2022

    Oh, January. The magic of the holidays has passed. The days are dark and cold. Spring feels like a lifetime away. Winter can be so tough in this part of the world. I needed a little cheering up so I decided to make a fun,…

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  • Tips for Creating a Productive Home Office

    Dena November 18, 2021

    When it comes to working outside of the home versus inside of the home, everyone has their preference. Working from home can be convenient in many ways, however when you have small children at home, it can be a real challenge. The daily struggle is…

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