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    Jilly Atlanta: Clothing for Childhood

    Dena July 21, 2015

    It all started with wanting to see what her mom was doing. She was 6. She’d sit in back of her mother’s sewing machine and take out pins as she sewed away. Her mother said she really never ever taught her daughter; she learned from osmosis. But she taught her. And what she learned stayed with her. She kept sewing throughout childhood, college, and after. Right when she got married,…

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  • Camp Roman // Pillows, Bean Bags & Roman’s Vest!

    Dena May 2, 2014

    The Camp Roman decor is coming right along. I can’t believe that the party is in less than two weeks! I’ve been planning it for six months (clearly, I am the opposite of a procrastinator) and I’m so excited that it’s almost here. All of…

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