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    My Weekly & Daily To-Do List Method

    Dena March 2, 2020

    Hello, sweet friends! Happy Monday to you. This morning I am sharing an update about how bullet-journaling and list-keeping is coming along for me. It’s been a month now since I began this practice and, simply put, it’s working great. One of my big struggles last year was feeling that I didn’t have enough time. I would end most days on the verge of tears, feeling terrible about not completing…

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  • Time Management: Journaling, List-Keeping and Habit-Tracking

    Dena February 5, 2020

    Hello, friends. Happy Wednesday. It was another long, gray, February day here–the kind that has me dreaming about the warmer seasons. Though I suppose it has been a rather mild winter, all things considered. I continue to practice deepening into the magic that the darkness…

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