3/52 — A snap of buddy a few minutes after waking up from his afternoon nap. We’re in the thick of winter over here. The week before last we were in a polar vortex (yes, really) and they’re calling for another polar blast this coming week. My spring & summertime daydreams are in full effect. I can’t wait for warm weather & to take Roman for his first swim. There will be carnivals and fairs and visits to the seashore. Oh, what fun. In the meantime, we’re spending most of our days inside and bundling up like Eskimos when we venture out. A few more months to go… It’s a good thing that I have this sweet face to stare at while we’re trapped inside.

10 thoughts on “3/52”

  1. It’s very cold out here,too. We are having hot cocos & enjoying constant bundling sessions!
    Aaw…he looks so grown up! Lites up my day by seeing his happy face!

  2. He is such a good lookin’ baby!
    We’ve been spoiled for two weeks now of weather in the 50’s sometimes high 50’s. I’ve been waiting for them to announce we’ll be under a sheet of ice as punishment soon for spending January in t-shirts.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I would love a week of 50’s. I just want to be able to get out to the park for a few days. Hopefully SOON. :]

  3. What a cutie! Love that he smiles for the camera. While you’re bundled up, we’re wearing shorts an t-shirts in our 80 degree weather. Over it. I want winter. Not like I even know what that is. Bleh.

  4. Thanks, Misty. I finally figured out the he is smiling for his mama. When other people try to take his pix he doesn’t light up that way. He smiled when we did pix with Santa because I was there behind the photographer. But with all of the pix that I take, I’m pretty sure he’ll be equating camera with smile any day now. That’s what happened to my nephew. LOL… the joy of having a photographer in the family. ;]

  5. Roman is such a doll! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m curious if you got that “52” button from Jodi’s site? I can’t seem to find it but would like to include it on my posts!

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