• summer slide

    Avoid the Summer Slide

    Dena August 4, 2022

    Have you ever heard of the Summer Slide? I hadn’t, and the first time that I did, I thought that it was something fun. A water slide? A game? A dance? I only learned about this term this year, after 9+ years of motherhood. Turns out, it’s not something fun at all. The “Summer Slide” is the term used to explain the loss of academic skills and knowledge that children…

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  • thoughts on kindergarten, public school & education…

    Dena October 10, 2018

    Yesterday while Marina and I were waiting for Roman to get out of school, I ran into an old friend who has a daughter a year ahead of Roman. Her daughter and Roman went to school together at a local co-operative preschool for one year.…

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  • Carousel — 04.23.10

    Dena April 23, 2010

    Just got back from a visit to Pennsylvania a few hours ago. I drove out there yesterday to speak to a group of about 40 professionals & students at West Chester University on the topic of leadership. It was fantastic! What a great group of…

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