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This is a great place to start if you are new around here & looking to get a taste of the most delicious bits without having to sift wildly through the archives.


Of All The Things My Hands Have Held…
Thoughts on Childhood
On Motherhood & Not Returning to Work
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Motherhood

Roman James
Roman’s Birth Story
Roman’s 1st Year (Monthly Updates)
52 Week Project with Roman
Roman’s First Day of Preschool
Roman’s Last Day of Preschool

Marina Grace
Marina’s Birth Story
Marina’s 1st Year (Monthly Updates)

Roman’s Camp-Themed 1st Birthday Party
Marina’s Princess-Themed 1st Birthday Party
Roman’s Cowboy-Themed 2nd Birthday Party
Girls’ Night In
A Halloween Party
An August Birthday Party
First Baby — Shower
Second Baby — Sprinkle

Camping with Toddlers
Family Camping 2014
Family Camping 2015
Family Camping 2017
Hakuna Matata: 8 Lessons I Learned in Kenya
The Catacombs of Paris
Paris: Day Four
The Bronx Zoo
The Camden Aquarium

Goals & Dreams
Practicing Visualization & Reaching Your Goals
How to Beat Self Doubt & Accomplish Anything
How to Survive & Thrive When You Hate Your Job
Pretend & Be: How to Be What You Dream of Being
Create the Life of Your Dreams
The Courage to Confront Your Dream
Let Go of Your Goals & Unleash Your Dreams
Baby Steps into the Free World: How to Put Yourself First & Succeed

Anxiety / CBT
Cognitive Behavior Therapy Saved My Life
How to Combat Anxiety, Panic Attacks, & Depersonalization
Overcome Fear, Lead by Example
Stop Over-thinking & Burn Your Ships
How to Overcome Fear

Happiness & Depression
Do Not Seek Happiness, Live It
Emotional Pain is Conquerable
Spiritual Wealth Equals Physical Health
Conscious Living
Beat Depression, Live Happiness
Heaven is a Place on Earth: How to End Your Personal Suffering

Minimalism: How to Declutter Your Home & Your Soul
Cut the Fat, Transform Your Life
Fight Club Can Change Your Life

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