four months old

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    Four-Month-Old Marina Grace

    Dena July 29, 2015

    Marina Grace is four-months-old. She recently rolled over from her back to her belly. She’s been trying for awhile, but her arm always gets in the way. She hasn’t done it again since, but she’s getting close and growing stronger every day. Her favorite thing is being carried and looking around. As long as she is being carried by someone who is moving and as long as there is something…

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  • Four-Month-Old Roman James

    Dena September 9, 2013

    Yesterday my sweet boy turned four-months-old. He is a little cherub. I hear him let out a little sigh in the morning and I know that he’s awake. Tired though I may be, I am so excited to get out of bed, walk to his…

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