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  • Mystic Travel Guide

    Travel Guide: Mystic, Connecticut – Day 1

    Dena July 26, 2022

    Roman, Marina and I took a little weekend trip to Mystic, Connecticut in June. I have been wanting to visit Mystic for years, and it did not disappoint. Mystic is a beautiful little town nestled along the Mystic River and against the Atlantic Ocean in Southwestern Connecticut. It is clean, charming and historic–an absolutely perfect place for a family trip. We loved every moment of our stay there and I…

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  • Travel Guide: Kilkenny, Ireland

    Dena June 15, 2020

    The next stop on our Ireland road trip was Kilkenny. We arrived at the Horban Hotel tired from our flight and adventure in Dublin, but excited for the journey ahead of us. We enjoyed dinner in the hotel restaurant, followed by a drink on the…

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  • Travel Guide: Dublin, Ireland

    Dena October 30, 2019

    Dublin is a gorgeous and magical little city. It has a colorful, historic charm, it’s cozy, and yet there is plenty to do. When I visited Ireland in August with my sister, we were lucky enough to have an old friend show us around. Having…

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  • Travel Guide: Woodstock, New York

    Dena May 8, 2019

    Woodstock has been on my travel bucket-list for awhile. Most people equate Woodstock with tie-dye, hippies and the 3-day outdoor music festival, but that festival did not actually take place there. It took place in Bethel, about 1.5 hours southwest. Still, Woodstock has become a…

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