Last week we celebrated my nephew Brian’s 5th birthday and his brother Aden’s 1st birthday. We had a pizza party at Chuck E. Cheese on Friday night & a birthday bash at my sister’s on Saturday. It was a weekend of fun festivities to celebrate two of the sweetest little boys this side of heaven. It’s really crazy to think that my little sister’s oldest son is five. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that I remember when she was five!

Growing up, I always heard “older” people talking about how quickly life goes by. Well, I’ll be damned, now I am one of those older people. 😉

The faster life flies past, the more important it is to cherish every moment.





Sweetest birthday wishes to my gorgeous nephews from your Aunt Dee-Dee & your cousin Roman. xo

5 thoughts on “Pizza Party!”

  1. Aw, my daughter calls my sister her Aunt Dee-Dee – when I was little I couldn’t say my sister’s name and always called her DeeDee.

    My oldest nephew turned 10 last month!

  2. I love the little details you catch… the tickets, pizza.. just adds so much to the story. Ps. happy bday to the big boy! 🙂

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