52 Week Project

  • 3/52

    Dena January 18, 2014

    3/52 — A snap of buddy a few minutes after waking up from his afternoon nap. We’re in the thick of winter over here. The week before last we were in a polar vortex (yes, really) and they’re calling for another polar blast this coming…

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  • 2/52

    Dena January 11, 2014

    2/52 — Mr. Roman eating his puffs all by himself. The past week has found my guy eating on his own. On New Year’s Day, my sister introduced us to puffs & Roman’s been hooked ever since. This boy chews likes it’s nobody’s business. He…

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  • 1/52

    Dena January 5, 2014

    1/52 — a portrait of Roman in a fake cry. It seems appropriate since he spends much of his days with this face on at the moment. I remember when he was tiny and his pediatrician told me that he was too small to manipulate…

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