botanical room

Room Design // Dreaming of Botanicals

DenaMarch 8, 2016

botanical room

Later this year, I’ll be redecorating a couple of spaces in my home. Namely, Marina’s nursery and my office. In the meantime, these spaces are stuck being uninspiring — to say the least. That doesn’t stop me from daydreaming and planning for the redesign, however.

In the past few years, I’ve developed a deep love for vintage style prints featuring botanicals, animals, and insects. There is something very nostalgic about them to me. I think they remind me of my elementary school science books. I’ll definitely be decorating one of the two spaces in this theme. If I do it in Marina’s room, it will be a soft woodland feel. If I do it in my office, it will be a bohemian, earthy feel with lots of plants and macrame. Furniture truly makes the room, in my opinion.

botanical room

I’ve got my eye on several pieces. This gorgeous bee pillow from Tesco would be perfect in a nursery or an office. Tesco has a bunch of lovely pillows and throws. I’m also a bit obsessed with this hanging chair from Anthropologie. How perfect would that be for cozying into to read or write? I think I’d never leave my office again.

botanical room

These last, drawn-out months of winter and cold weather are starting to get to me. There’s no doubt that I’m just on the verge of spring fever. It’s no wonder I’m feeling the home design itch at the moment. Since these re-designs are a way off, I suppose I had better get started on my spring cleaning to keep me busy until then.

botanical room

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