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Oh, it’s just emotions.

DenaJuly 25, 2017

Do the work. //

How are you, friends? I hope that you are having a great week. As for me, I am okay, but I’m in a little bit of a slump — more specifically, I’m overwhelmed. I know I’ve said it again and again, but the past couple of years have been crazy for me. On paper, things have slowed down in a lot of ways and things are better than they were by a long shot. Still, I feel as though it’s all catching up with me right now, maybe?

I’ve been so busy. I mean, I am always busy — that’s what I do, I stay busy, I put a hundred things on my plate at all times and I balance them all. But I’m tired. I feel like I need a break, but I know that is not coming. It’s not in the cards for me right now.

As far as business goes, I want to make a post about my two main businesses (blogging + photography) sometime really soon. I have had so much success recently and it’s been incredible. Of course, success is mostly just a result of hard work and dedication. No matter how else you spin it, that’s what it comes down to. In fact, this post was originally going to be about just that — putting in the work and being successful. But then I thought, my heart is just not in it, not today. I am exhausted and a little sad and a lot overwhelmed.

Running businesses and being a stay-at-home mom is so friggin’ hard, you guys. I seriously have so much to do and every single time I get into any kind of groove I get interrupted, again and again and again and again. I mean, if I could just have like a HALF HOUR!? Haha. Have you ever had days like that? Am I the only one? #MOMLIFE, right? Roman is going through an intellectual explosion (as usual) and has questions & insights about everything. It’s amazing, of course! But it’s also so exhausting. And I’ve been potty training Marina! Mostly because I am tired of paying for diapers. She’s not quite ready for it and she has an accident at least a couple of times a week. Like this morning was such a mess, I can’t even…

I realize that I’m completely complaining right now. I rarely do that here, though. I try to keep my content upbeat, inspiring, and useful. But still, sometimes I think it’s important to “take off the mask” a little bit and say that my heart hurts, too. Life isn’t always beautiful or inspiring. Sometimes it just hurts and I’m just tired. We all have those moments, those days, and even those years.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that life is not always the beautiful, staged magic that we see captured in those perfect little squares. Sometimes I have to check in to remind you guys, and myself, about the raggedy madness of our actual lives. Also, oh my goodness, you guys, that post I just linked to… I was in such a bad place in my life then and I have come so far! Praise God!

When I start to feel this way, I have a pretty good way of handling it now: 1. count my blessings; 2. listen to this(!); and 3. sleep, lots of sleep. Since my babies like to get up with the sun, the only option is to shut everything down and go to bed super-early when they do. I hate giving up those few hours to get work done or watch mindless television at night. But I need sleep ya’ll. It’s just is I need. It makes such a world of difference to me.

Anyway, okay, I’ve done enough rambling for today. I have a bunch of much more interesting posts in the works:

1. Simple Living: The Basics
2. Recipes (so many good ones to share!)
3. Faith & Redemption
4. Our Favorite Summer Day Trips

Lots more, too. Now I just need a few more hours in the day to get all of these written and posted. 😉 Love you guys so much! Thanks for being here, always, even when I’m rambling. xo

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