Review: Sweave Eucalyptus Sheets

DenaFebruary 2, 2022

Hello, sweet friends! It’s February! It’s 02.02.22 to be precise. We survived January. My goodness, to be honest, sometimes I wondered if I would. It was a really hard month for us. We all got sick, I got bullied (more about that soon), and a bunch of other long-unresolved issues came bubbling to the surface causing a mess of stress. It was a really hard month in so many ways.

Typically I love January & the fresh start a new year brings, but sometimes no matter how great our mindset is or how hard we work to be positive, there will be life circumstances outside of our control that will make things suck. That’s life. And it’s just really important that we learn to roll with that, and especially for people like me, that we don’t blame ourselves. Sometimes things are bad and it’s not because you are lazy, broken, wrong or anything else. It just is what it is. Learning to accept that–and I mean full, unconditional acceptance–is just as important and productive as having a stellar month, full of success & victory.

Anyway, with all of that being said, there were some bright spots in the month–there always are! One of those things was getting our new Sweave eucalyptus sheets. Since having the twins, my hormones have been all over the place. One of the things that has been happening are swings in my body temperature. I will be cold one moment and then overheating the next. I wanted sheets that were super comfortable (you guys know how I am about cozy bedding!) but I also wanted them to be breathable, cool and crisp. I discovered that eucaplyptus sheets check all of the boxes.

Our Sweave sheets are crafted using the optimal mix of Eucalyptus Tencel Lyocell and Egyptian Cotton, which makes them feel insanely soft but also comfortably cool. They’re hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and wrinkle-resistant. Plus they come with a 100 Night Trial, so no risk and you can return anytime within the first 100 nights of purchase. It’s a win-win.

So if you need me anytime soon I will probably be either changing a diaper or cozied up in bed with a good book and a cup of tea. Somebody let me know when spring arrives. xo

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