Spooky Season Preparations

DenaAugust 28, 2022

I know that it’s only late August but I can’t help myself. One month is simply not enough time to celebrate my favorite season. Late August through November is a much more reasonable time frame, if you ask me. 😉

I can’t get enough of it all. Tucking into sweaters made of the softest wool. Sipping warm drinks from the most beautiful ceramic mugs. The sweet smell of leaves saying farewell and the woody scent of smoke from the first autumn bonfires dancing through the air.

It’s no secret that I love all things autumn and Halloween. One of the first signs of the changing season in our home is the appearance of Halloween pajamas. I always get them a pair a bit bigger than what they need so that they can wear them through the next several seasons. Seeing my little ones in their Halloween pajamas brings the most inexplicable joy to my heart, perhaps because it is my first glimpse at all the magic that is just around the corner.

Another favorite tradition is pulling our autumn and Halloween-themed books from the closet. And of course, swapping out our summer blankets for softer, warmer ones to bring all of the coziness together.

Last week we added a new book to our collection, Countdown to Halloween by Greg Paprocki. It is the sweetest Halloween primer that teaches little ones to find and count objects hidden in the sweetest spooky scenes of autumn.

Each turn of the page invites us to count to 10 by finding objects hidden throughout the charming scenes of fall. The book takes us on an adventure from walking through corn mazes and bobbing for apples to choosing costumes and telling spooky stories around a fire. So many of our favorite autumn traditions wrapped into these beautiful pages.

In addition to a few new books, we’ve also added the coziest new blanket to our collection of luxury comforter sets this year. There is nothing like throwing open all of the windows and getting comfy beneath blankets while the crickets sing their farewell song to the warm months just outside.

To say that I am excited for the coming season is an understatement. Last year the twins were so tiny that I kept things simple, but this year we’re going to push the envelope with a bit more celebrating, a trip to the pumpkin patch, and a longer trick-or-treating route!

Fall is a gift to our senses, and a song for our hearts, too–the golden hour of the year. The sacred months when summer’s heat releases its grip and winter’s bitter cold has not yet pulled us into its grasp. It is a last chance to play and explore and create before settling into the quiet slumber of winter. I know that summer is not quite finished yet and we will enjoy these last couple of weeks while they are here. But that won’t stop me from dreaming about all of the magic that spooky season has in store for us!

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