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  • LAYOP Kids //

    portraits 04 // roman + marina {featuring LAYOP Kids}

    Dena October 2, 2015

    Along with this month’s portraits, I’m really excited to introduce you to LAYOP Kids. LAYOP stands for Live At Your Own Pace — a sentiment that I wholeheartedly support. It’s perfect for my little Roman who is constantly reminding me to slow down and enjoy life at a comfortable speed. LAYOP started out as a clothing line for adults and this autumn they’ve launched a line for kids. LAYOP offers…

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  • Baby Style // Autumn

    Dena September 4, 2015

    We’ve got an Indian Summer in full effect over here. This past week has brought us temperatures in the nineties & lots of humidity. (I’m not complaining! Give me all the summery weather.) We’re nowhere near ready to be dressed in sweaters, jeans, and boots…

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  • drooling & messes & style // with Groovi Gee

    Dena August 12, 2015

    We’ve got a drooler over here, friends! I completely forgot just how much drool a tiny baby can produce. Marina is constantly chomping on her hands and she has been soaking through her shirts like nobody’s business. I just can’t keep up. So when the…

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  • thoughts on having a baby girl // featuring Bare Babies

    Dena August 10, 2015

    When I found out that I was having a boy during my first pregnancy, I was shocked and scared. I never imagined myself as the mother of a boy. I only ever had a sister and I just wasn’t very used to boys. I knew…

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  • Baby Wears: Roman James in Poppy Rose (& A Giveaway!)

    Dena November 12, 2013

    My commitment to simplicity, has made me understand that quality is of the highest importance. Throughout my pregnancy and throughout Roman’s first six months, I’ve been continually challenged to maintain simplicity in the face of the sheer volume of “baby stuff” that’s out there. However,…

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    Dena September 10, 2013

    This past weekend really started to feel like autumn. The leaves are beginning to change and fall. There is a crisp bite in the air. There was plenty of sunshine but it was time to break out cardigans, thermals, and knit hats. We had a…

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    Dena August 23, 2013

    Just a couple of outfits that we wore to the Renaissance Faire. My denim shorts are actually jeans from Thyme Maternity that I cut into shorts and rolled up the bottoms twice. Similar ones here. These are my absolute favourite boots. My shirt is the…

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    Dena August 13, 2013

    (( My Victorias Secret t-shirt can be found here. // Roman’s Minnetonka boots can be found here. )) Even though I’m still holding onto about ten or so pounds of baby weight — I am *starting* to try and resemble a human being again. Style…

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