• Poetry Friday: Good Girl | Kim Addonizio

    Dena October 14, 2011

    Good Girl | Kim Addonizio Look at you, sitting there being good. After two years you’re still dying for a cigarette. And not drinking on weekdays, who thought that one up? Don’t you want to run to the corner right now for a fifth of vodka and have it with cranberry juice and a nice lemon slice, wouldn’t the backyard that you’re so sick of staring out into look better…

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  • Poetry Friday: survival poem #17 | Marty McConnell

    Dena October 7, 2011

    survival poem #17 | Marty McConnell because this is what you do. get up. blame the liquor for the heaviness. call in late to work. go to the couch because the bed is too empty. watch people scream about love on Jerry Springer. count the…

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