• summer pool daze

    Summer Daze // Splish Splash

    Dena June 14, 2017

    “Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” –Henry James Summer hasn’t officially arrived yet, but we are already into our second heatwave of the year. Temperatures during the day are soaring up to 100° F (38 °C). Although it feels more like August than June, I am doing my best to enjoy it. I’d love some more spring-like weather,…

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  • Heat // a photo essay

    Dena July 14, 2014

    When I think of heat, I think of summer — the glorious months of June, July and August. I am a summer girl through & through. Carnivals, fairs, trips to the ocean, ice cream, cold lemonade, camping, roasting marshmallows, swimming, sweating, sun-kissed skin, sandy toes,…

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  • Our Wood-burning Stove

    Dena December 2, 2013

    This month, we completed the installation of our new wood-burning stove. This is one of our first, and most important, steps toward sustainable living. Wood-burning stoves are one of the most energy efficient and environmentally-friendly ways to heat the home. Wood burners outperform both solar…

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