• Time Management: Journaling, List-Keeping and Habit-Tracking

    Dena February 5, 2020

    Hello, friends. Happy Wednesday. It was another long, gray, February day here–the kind that has me dreaming about the warmer seasons. Though I suppose it has been a rather mild winter, all things considered. I continue to practice deepening into the magic that the darkness and slowness of winter brings. Still, that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of spring. I’ve been wanting to write about time management here for awhile.…

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  • Blogging Advice

    Dena February 21, 2012

    I read this on Clare’s Tumblr this morning and it was too good not to share— “July 20, 1969 David Gascoyne once told me that the only point of keeping a journal was to concentrate on the personal, the diurnal minutiae, and forget the great…

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