Memorial Day weekend

  • Memorial Day Weekend

    Memorial Day Weekend // 2018

    Dena May 30, 2018

    My extended family on my father’s side has property in the Catskill Mountains of New York. I grew up in this place, celebrating warm weather holidays in the magic of these mountains. Our family calls this place “The Property,” a space where you are surrounded by nature, loved ones, friends, and breathtaking views. It’s far enough removed from society that there is no light pollution. On a clear night, you…

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  • Ice Cream is Always a Good Idea

    Dena May 25, 2018

    It’s Friday and Memorial Day Weekend is kicking off! Despite what the calendar says, around here Memorial Day Weekend means summer is beginning! It is such a fun & exciting time of the year for us. With summer on the horizon, the magic of warm…

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  • Memorial Day Weekend // 2015

    Dena May 24, 2015

    Memorial Day has always been a very special holiday for me & my family. It’s the unofficial start of summer — bring on the cold drinks, hot sun, beach days, and BBQs! But more importantly, it is a time to reflect and give thanks to…

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