• Vegan Parmigiana //

    Vegan Mushroom Parmigiana

    Dena September 20, 2017

    Eggplant has always been one of my favorite foods, and perhaps my favorite dish of all-time is eggplant parmigiana. I love the way that the flavors and textures melt together in a good parmigiana. Since I transitioned to a mostly raw, vegan lifestyle last month, I’ve given up my beloved traditional parmigiana for the most part. I purchased some mushrooms recently, so I decided to put together a simple, mostly…

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  • Recipe: Quick + Easy Stir Fry

    Dena February 15, 2013

    Here is a quick, healthy + easy stir fry recipe for you. You can use any grain that you have on hand like rice or pasta. I used a leftover quinoa and wild rice mix that I had from the day before. You’ll need: broccoli…

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