restaurant review

  • JW's Doo Wop Grill //

    out + about // JW’s Doo Wop Grill

    Dena February 4, 2015

    Yesterday just before lunchtime, M. and I were hit with a serious case of the hungries. It was nothing that any normal lunch could satisfy. We knew we had to do something special. I’ve been wanting to check out JW’s Doo Wop Grill for awhile now. Our town has a pretty small restaurant scene, so when something new opens up, it’s kind of a big deal — and I’ve been…

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  • Disney World: Epcot

    Dena June 12, 2012

    On my second day in Disney, I was up with the sunrise. It was a full day of work. When late afternoon finally arrived, I ventured into Epcot with a couple of friends. The World Showcase in Epcot is one of my absolute favourite places…

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  • Trading Cash for Experience: Mt. Fuji Restaurant

    Dena July 9, 2010

    Preface: I’m not a fan of money, spending money, or obtaining material possessions. In my life, I practice minimalism whenever possible. My opinions about money & possessions are largely shaped by my financial history (which you can read more about in previous posts). Despite the…

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