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DenaOctober 26, 2017

taking stock // livelovesimple.com

It’s been a long while since I took stock, so here we go…

making // plans for my Halloween party this weekend. yay!

cooking // lots of spring rolls (me), rice & beans (marina), & granola bars (roman) on the menu these days. although, in all honesty, i’ve been very stressed & depressed the past two weeks and have been getting take-out far more than i’d like to. feeling a bit better now, so hoping that has passed.

drinking // a cup of vanilla spice tea with a big splash of chocolate almond milk. my current twice a day ritual that helps me get through the slumps, big time.

reading // Inventing Joy which was just sent to me for advanced reading by Simon & Schuster. so far sweet & inspiring–a simple, motivational read which is exactly what my world-weary mind is needing at the moment.

hoping // for the strength to hold onto peace and let go of worry.

playing // not nearly enough, and working very hard these days. already setting some groundwork & goals to make play more of a priority in 2018.

enjoying // this unseasonably warm autumn that we’re having and all of these golden days that allow us to be outside without coats and hats so late in the season.

waiting // patiently for many things to be resolved, all in their own good time.

loving // all of the wonderful, fanciful halloween decorations put up all over our town! it’s so much fun and my babies and i have a blast walking all over town to look at them.

needing // nothing other than sweet cuddles and hugs from my babies, my whole world.

smelling // the scent of autumn outside my bedroom window.

wearing // pajamas and really not looking forward to getting dressed and heading out to my morning meeting in a few minutes.

watching // have been completely and utterly obsessed with Life Below Zero on Netflix for about a month now. i just love the families so much and their commitment to sustainable living is so inspiring. it’s actually inspired me to launch a whole new endeavor for myself in 2018, more to come on that soon.

noticing // that although it’s been a goal of mine for many years, i haven’t really made any progress in preventing other people from impacting my mood. completely certain that i need to get back into therapy to work harder on this issue, among others.

feeling // very excited and a bit nervous that i will be hosting my first family Thanksgiving feast this year!

bookmarking // i recently saved this article because it literally had me laughing so hard i cried and i also saved this video because it was so profoundly touching and i know that it will lift my spirits anytime i need lifting.

taking stock // livelovesimple.com

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