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The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

DenaJune 13, 2014

beard block

Since Roman was only a month old last Father’s Day, we didn’t do much celebrating. I was nursing round the clock back then and wasn’t even able to leave the house to get a little gift for Matthew’s first Father’s Day. That’s why, this year, I was on the hunt for the perfect Father’s Day gift.

I searched high and low. I wanted something that was practical, rugged, and something that really appealed to M’s interests. Over the past year, he has taken an interest in — beard growing!

I know that beard-growing is “trendy” at the moment, but trust me when I tell you — my husband is not trendy. For him, growing a beard is a matter of practicality. It saves him time from shaving every day, keeps him warm in the winter, and protects him from the elements since he works outdoors year-round.

beard block

beard block

It’s been fun watching his progress. We even watched a few episodes of “Beard Wars” when he first started growing it! At any rate, I finally decided that something for his beard would be the perfect gift. That’s when I stumbled upon Beard Block and fell in love.

First, I fell in love with the products, such an awesome selection of beard care items. Then, I fell in love with the man behind the shop — well I didn’t fall in love with him — but you know what I mean!

Jared is the guy behind Beard Block. He is a beard enthusiast, craftsman, and a family man. He grew up holding a tape measure for his dad and started working carpentry at an early age. He worked alongside his dad for many years building stick, log, and timber frame homes. His story reminded me so much of Matthew’s — especially in their love for woodworking.

beard block

beard block

When Jared told me about his family — his overwhelming love for them was evident. He met his wife after the 2008 flood that destroyed most of downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He came in to build a custom bar top for her restaurant restoration. It was love at first sight. He told one of his best friends that he was going to marry her and five years later, on the beaches of Mexico, he did. (How romantic!?)

Jared has a son, Owen, who is eight and his baby daughter, Lenyn, was born in November. Jared’s family loves to be outdoors and spends a lot of time as “river rats” on the Mississippi River. They also love the snow and try to get to Colorado at least once a year to enjoy the Rocky Mountain Air. A family after my own heart!

Jared started Beard Block because he wanted to make something that he could use to display his beard oils proudly and avoid shoving them in a drawer. When it came to making the oils and shampoos, he couldn’t settle for expensive big brand oils that didn’t seem to do anything. So he started learning and reading every shampoo bottle’s ingredients. He learned how his own hair behaved and what it “likes and dislikes.” Jared’s wife, a business owner, was very encouraging and helpful when it came to the logistics of his business. His son is his biggest fan and his daughter keeps him smiling through it all. How sweet! Right?

beard block

beard block

So far, Matthew loves his beard block. (Yes, we gave it to him early so that I could write this post.) He is totally in agreement with me that it is the perfect Father’s Day gift. His favourite part of the set is the soft bristle brush. Previously, he had been using one of my hair brushes and he is thrilled to have his own.

Jared is currently offering 15% off of all orders for Father’s Day, use code “DADSDAY” at checkout. Jared’s shop is located here: and be sure to give him a like on Facebook here:

Here’s hoping that you have an awesome time celebrating Father’s Day this weekend! xo

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  • Kay

    June 13, 2014 at 2:10 pm

    That’s really awesome. I got Andrew a set of beard oils/wash for Valentines Day in 2012 and he finally ran out. I’ve been wanting to get him something new, and this shop looks like it has just what I need.

    ps. high five for bearded husbands!

    1. Dena

      July 2, 2014 at 10:41 am

      Woo hoo! Bearded husbands are the best. It took me awhile to get used to it, but now I love it. 🙂

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