// my thoughts on Mother’s Day morning; 05.09.21 🌸

DenaMay 10, 2021

In spring, the blossoming trees bloom with so much beautiful ferocity
that sometimes I think they might alight in fire & just begin to float away toward heaven.
Because it has to be magic. It has to be something not of this earth.
I hold my breath for days or weeks as the colors of the blossoms peak, cherishing the sight,
thanking God for my eyes that can see it.
What a miracle! What a gift! Praise God!
And then one day I am walking beneath my favorite flowering tree
& the petals are falling gently on the breeze, spinning like snowflakes.
And I know, in my heart, that this is the beginning of the end.
That the peak has passed & thus begins the falling, the ending, the letting go.
Each day I pass them & more petals fall.
Rainstorms take them down in bunches
& strong winds set them sailing in streams of pink & white on the whipping wind.
One day the petals are pooled up against the sidewalk curb in little rivers of magic,
like spilled paint.
I gasp with ache & gratitude over the coming & going of another miracle,
another season, another cycle, another lesson, another loss.
This is the great teaching: Learning to love it with all of your might while it is here
& learning to unclench your fists and let it go when it is time for letting go.
// my thoughts on Mother’s Day morning; 05.09.21 🌸

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