Tips for Creating a Productive Home Office

DenaNovember 18, 2021

When it comes to working outside of the home versus inside of the home, everyone has their preference. Working from home can be convenient in many ways, however when you have small children at home, it can be a real challenge. The daily struggle is real for me. To look for work outside or enjoy the convenience of working from home and deal with a lot of distraction?

As for me, I have worked from home for the last 8 years. However, recently I’ve been thinking about the possibility of working outside of the home again once the twins get a little bigger. As much as I have loved being a work from home mom for these last 8 years, I am feeling a pull toward a change on the horizon. We’ll see what happens.

I have a few months left to go until I am ready to make a decision, so for now I am doing my best to be as productive as I can at home. It’s not easy. But today I want to share a few tips that have proven to be really helpful in creating a comfortable work from home environment for me.

1. Get the temperature perfect. It’s essential to make your workplace as comfortable as possible if you want it to be an effective place of work. By getting your space to the right temperature, it will help improve concentration levels and productivity! However, some things need to be addressed before even thinking about setting up shop at home: First off, air conditioning should always be considered when creating any space in which we’re trying to achieve optimum performance from ourselves. The perfect temperature helps our brains release serotonin, so we feel happier and more relaxed – something that is critical for success and productivity! It’s ideal to have at least one window bringing in natural light and air, but air conditioning is a great supplement when natural temperatures are uncomfortably warm.

2. Invest in a high-quality computer. It is complicated to get any work done if your computer has too many issues. Keeping your desktop clutter free and your files well-organized is critical. This has been a major obstacle for me at times. The basics like your monitor, keyboard and mouse should also be in good working order before starting to work at home. Furthermore, ensure there is enough space for everything. If you don’t have space for Monterey, ensure you clean your computer and update it! You don’t want to risk technological glitcehs when your aim is to be productive. Trust me on this one, as I’ve dealt with these kind of frustrations more times than I care to remember.

3. Use ergonomic furniture. Ergonomic furniture is a great way to ensure a comfortable, practical work space. It is a wise investment to get quality furniture that is also comfortable and convenient. Find good deals and discover what suits your needs best. Remember: Ergonomics are essential when considering any office equipment or accessories, so think about how long each piece is likely to last before making a final decision.

4. Regularly declutter your office. This is another of things that I am personally working on, but it’s critical to do a declutter at least once every few months. It is so easy get distracted when there are too many things in your office space. Removing unnecessary clutter from the space is an effective way to ensure that future tasks don’t take longer than necessary and that you don’t find yourself consistently distracted. Furthermore, if you have children or pets, consider how best to work without constant interruptions, consider this a mental declutter of sorts.

There is so much inspiration available about how to make this happen including home office storage ideas and endless tips about organization.

It is definitely possible to create a productive workspace in your home! I have been really successful at doing this at times and other times, not so much. But with time, patience and care in setting up your space, it can certainly be done. It is so important to create a space that makes you feel comfortable, inspired and ready to create, especially in an at home office space.

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