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52/52 :: the end

DenaJanuary 7, 2015

week 52 // livelovesimple.com

The 52 Week Project – A portrait of my son, once a week, for one year.

When I started my 2014 52 Week Project, I gave myself permission to get as far along as I could manage without guilt. I know that life can get in the way and committing to do anything for a full year can be a recipe for letdown.

However, week after week, I captured some lovely snaps of my sweet boy and I am so incredibly grateful to be able to look back on the collection. Of course I missed a few weeks while I was sick — but most of them are there. It’s really something special to look back on, from the first week through to this last one.

He truly moved from being a baby to being a wee boy this year. I will forever be grateful for having it all captured in this special way.

That said, I’m not going to continue the project in 2015. I’ve got some new, creative ideas for this space. I’ll still be capturing & sharing lots of Roman (of course!). I may jump in from time-to-time and participate in Jodi’s linkup. However, I need to let go of the pressure of the weekly posts as I move into this third trimester and put my creative energy into some new pursuits.

Thank you for following along and for the sweet comments, as always. xx

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