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Every Friday, I post my favourite links, posts, & resources from around the Web. Expect to learn, grow, & be inspired.


1. You rock & On self determination & Try different: Three must-read posts from Mr. Seth Godin, genius, this week. Enjoy!

2. Great Financial Advice from the in Flight Safety Handbook: How is financial planning like a plane crash? Find out in this excellent post. It might just save your life… or at least your bank account.

3. Video Interview: Unautomate Your Finances with Baker & Video Interview: Untemplate your mind, body, and spirit with Amber Zuckswert: Awesome video interviews with two of my favourite bloggers—Adam Baker from Man vs. Debt & Amber Zuckswert from Epic Self.

4. 10 Shattered Financial Templates: One more from Untemplater this week (to go along with my credit card debt freedom theme) I had to share this great post about shattering financial templates. Bottom line: out with the old & in with the new!

5. The Story of Stuff: My boyfriend saw Annie Leonard on the Colbert Report the other night. In true minimalist fashion, he called me up right away to tell me about it. Annie is an activist who has spent the past 10 years traveling the globe fighting environmental threats. In her story, she talks about the real costs of extraction, production, distribution, consumption and disposal. In other words she tells us why we should all be minimalists. Amen! Check out the site for more and to view the “Story of Stuff” short film.

6. What James Cameron Taught Me About Passion: I love this post by JD where he talks about why reaching our goals & living our passions sometimes requires doing things that we don’t want to. In his case, it’s Internet Marketing. I love his metaphor, “…everybody who is involved with Internet Marketing has an underlying passion that pushes them forward. [It’s] a lot like playing the bass guitar. Few people actually have a passion for it, but if you’re willing to do it you can get in the band.”

7. Rescue Time & Leech Block: Two awesome productivity tools that I found via Location180. Rescue time is an “automagical time tracking & tools to help you focus (from light ‘nudges’ to blocking for short periods of focus) and track project time.” LeechBlock is a simple productivity tool designed to block those time-wasting sites that can suck the life out of your working day. All you need to do is specify which sites to block and when to block them.

8. Live your Life as if Everything is a Miracle: Inspirational words & beautiful photographs & quotes, a wonderful guest post on the Good Life Zen blog. “I am realistic. I expect miracles.” —Wayne Dyer


Have a great weekend, loves of my life. Spread love & light where ever you may go.

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  • Brad Chaffee

    March 12, 2010 at 12:39 pm

    Great roundup Dena! Thank you for mentioning my article as well. That article is actually one of my all-time favorites now on EOD.

    As for your other links, my absolute favorite was JD’s article from Wage Slave Rebel! What a GREAT read! Thanks for sharing it!

    Now I must wrap up my internet time, today is my beautiful wife’s birthday. (Right now she’s shopping with her mom, so there’s still time) LOL

    Have a great Friday and a terrific weekend as well!

    1. Dena

      March 12, 2010 at 1:46 pm

      You are very welcome, Brad! Glad you enjoyed the links. I agree, JD’s post was awesome. I liked it so much, I read it twice!

      Happy Birthday to your beautiful wife. I hope that both of your days are full of love and you have a chance for gorgeous celebration. You both have so much to be grateful for. You are luck to have one another.

      I’ve got to agree with you it is one of your best posts. Such a creative idea & an important message.


  • Brad Chaffee

    August 28, 2010 at 2:34 am

    RT @denabotbyl: Carousel—03.12.10 thanks for the mention! 🙂

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