• time management // list keeping

    My Weekly & Daily To-Do List Method

    Dena March 2, 2020

    Hello, sweet friends! Happy Monday to you. This morning I am sharing an update about how bullet-journaling and list-keeping is coming along for me. It’s been a month now since I began this practice and, simply put, it’s working great. One of my big struggles last year was feeling that I didn’t have enough time. I would end most days on the verge of tears, feeling terrible about not completing…

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  • Time Management: 5 Tips for Working from Home

    Dena February 20, 2020

    Hello, friends! In my last few posts I talked about the rain and the cold, but pleased to report that the sun is shining and the air is warm today. It feels like an early glimpse at spring and it is such a deeply welcome…

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  • Carousel—03.12.10

    Dena March 12, 2010

    Every Friday, I post my favourite links, posts, & resources from around the Web. Expect to learn, grow, & be inspired. ——————————————- 1. You rock & On self determination & Try different: Three must-read posts from Mr. Seth Godin, genius, this week. Enjoy! 2. Great…

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