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another cold + a new outlook

DenaMarch 22, 2013 | sickI am sick for the third time since I’ve been pregnant. I guess it’s true what they say about your immune system being weak during pregnancy because typically I don’t get sick more than once a year. I have a terrible cold, stuffy nose, sore throat — the works. On top of that, this winter seems to be neverending. Just when we thought spring was making an appearance we got more snow, then more, and another storm predicted for this weekend. It’s depressing, all of it. This morning, Matthew pointed out that everything out of my mouth for the past two days has been a complaint or a whine. And he’s right.

I feel pretty overwhelmed. Being sick is hard but being pregnant + sick is harder. On top of that, work has been really stressful. I have three weeks left until my maternity leave begins and so much to do before then. Going to work every day is getting harder and harder, too. My back hurts and I’m constantly overheating. My coworkers will be freezing around me while I am literally sweating through my clothes! We haven’t begun to reorganize the rooms to make room for the nursery furniture. We haven’t done our taxes yet. We’re behind on laundry. The list goes on and on and on…

But today I am making a decision to stop focusing on the bad, no matter how bad it seems. The truth is that for every bad thing happening right now, there are ten good things happening and ten more great things on the way. Here are some of the things that I am happy about/looking forward to:

  • my baby shower
  • setting up the nursery
  • getting my maternity photographs taken by lydia
  • the pretty, coral dress that i bought for my shower/photos
  • starting my maternity leave + having more time for swimming, stretching, and meditating
  • my friend sandra visiting in april + making plans for things to do while she’s here
  • my new 27″ imac (it’s a dream!)
  • finally launching my photography business(!!)
  • &most, most, most of all — meeting baby boy in two months (!!!)

I feel better already… Now to beat this cold! xo

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