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Currently // Taking Stock {featuring the Amy Carinn Collection}

DenaSeptember 15, 2015

currently //

Last time I did a “currently” post, I was pregnant with Marina! My goodness how much has changed since then. Time to take stock once again.

Making :: arts & crafts with Roman every day and enjoying every moment of it.

Cooking :: not much these days. The extent of my culinary creations has been fresh-from-the-garden cucumber sandwiches.

Drinking :: a smoothie made with with kale, watermelon, cucumber, peanut butter, and strawberry yogurt.

Reading :: a few new blogs here & there, but not much time to pick up a book these days, sadly.

Wanting :: to get a few more hours in the day which might happen soon, as we are about to embark on some gentle sleep training with Marina.

Playing :: outside, collecting newly fallen autumn leaves, acorns, and berries.

Wasting :: a bit too much time lamenting lack of sleep/lack of time, instead of enjoying these precious days while they’re here.

Sewing :: a few projects for Marina’s 1st birthday party. It’s awhile away, but time moves quickly and I’m the opposite of a procrastinator.

Enjoying :: the briskness in the air on our morning walks. After months of sticky humidity, having to walk with a small jacket on is refreshing. Sweater weather soon!

Waiting :: for this house to be free of the terrible preschool plague that has seized us this past week.

Liking :: the adorable, beautiful, and creepy decorations that are starting to go up in people’s homes & yards.

Wondering :: how sleep training is going to go. It’s at the forefront of my mind/worries these days.

Loving :: on my sweet babies who are constantly loving on one another, too.

Hoping :: that we will survive the upcoming season with far less sickness than we’ve seen this past week.

Needing :: more time and more sleep. More grace. More acceptance.

Smelling :: nothing. This is important because it means there is not a messy diaper waiting to be changed. (For once!)

Wearing :: pajamas and a cardigan — the first time I’ve had to throw a cardigan on in the house this year.

Noticing :: that the epic declutter that we did last winter has managed to slowly slip back into clutter. Time for a big fall cleaning.

Knowing :: how blessed I am.

Feeling :: grateful & excited for the joy that is to come in the next few months.

Bookmarking :: a few sweet Halloween projects that I hope to complete with Roman in October.

Giggling :: at how determined Marina is to start getting around. She’s not sitting up yet but she’s become quite the wiggler and it won’t be long now until she is sitting up and then scooting!

Opening :: lots of packages of wonderful things lately. Most recently our new crib mattress covers from The Amy Carinn Collection which I just adore.

Speaking of the lovely Amy Carinn Collection, I want to take a few moments to introduce you to it. Amy sent us a couple of her mattress covers to review and we’ve been loving them. That beautiful, soft quilted cover that Marina is lying on in these photographs is one of the pieces from her collection.

currently //

currently //

The line currently contains three pieces — the Pack ‘N’ Play Mattress Cover, the Standard Crib Mattress Cover, and the Bamboo Crib Mattress Cover. The covers are waterproof + dryer-friendly.

Most waterproof mattress covers have a tendency to melt in the dryer. For this reason, Amy’s Collection was developed with an exclusive heat-protection layer which protects the waterproof membrane from dryer heat. They’re also hypoallergenic, fitted, absorbent, and very soft.

A good, waterproof crib mattress is a must-have for every new mother and this line is a perfection option. Amy is presently offering 25% off any product with the code MOMBLG25. You can shop the collection on Amazon. You can also connect with the collection on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Amy Carinn Collection

currently //

To see the other posts in my ‘Taking Stock’ series, click here. This post is in partnership with the Amy Carinn Collection. Thanks for supporting the businesses that make my blog possible.

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