Date Night with My Sweet Boy

DenaAugust 13, 2016



A couple of months ago, it occurred to me that since Marina was born (17 months ago!), I really haven’t had any one-on-one time with Roman. It sounds really crazy saying that, but it’s true. I mean, I guess I spend a bit of alone time with him when she is napping, but at that time I am usually playing catch up with laundry, dishes, meal prep, etc.

It obviously hasn’t been a conscious decision, but it’s just one of the realities of being a mother to multiple children. We are stretched further and thinner. Still, I feel like it’s important that I carve out “special time” to be alone with each of my children. I want them to know how loved and cherished they are. I want them to have special moments and memories where they are not competing for my attention.



Last week, Roman and I had our first little “date night” when I allowed him to stay up past his bedtime and well after his baby sister went to sleep. It was the sweetest thing. He was so excited for the privilege of staying up late. We had a little pajama party, made popcorn, and watched a bit of “Jurassic World.” I can’t even tell you how much this kid is loving dinosaurs these days! It’s just adorable.



It was so much fun to carve out some special time for him and me. He is an incredible little boy and I am so grateful to call him mine.

If you didn’t already know, August is “National Romance Month.” It’s the perfect time to plan something special for you and someone that you love. The flowers pictured in this post were a gift from the Anniversary Collection. They were such a beautiful addition to our home and a pretty reminder to keep on spreading the love.

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  • chelsea jacobs

    August 15, 2016 at 11:01 am

    So sweet! You are making precious memories!

  • Whitney

    August 15, 2016 at 8:29 pm

    This is precious! We only have one kiddo, but since we are naturally busy people we have to do the same and designate time for our little girl. I will never forget our daughter’s first date with her daddy. Cherished moments!

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