Day 29: Your Most Embarrassing Moment

DenaNovember 28, 2013


I will never forget my most embarrassing moment. It was about five years ago, sometime within the first year that M. and I had started dating. We went to see a concert with two of his brothers and their girlfriends. We had decent seats and just in front and to the left of where we were sitting there was a short flight of stairs. Well, something slick must have spilled on those stairs and in the darkness/madness of the venue, no one was able to clean it up. Over the course of the night, folks kept slipping and falling hard. Luckily there were handrails to grab and most folks broke the fall by grabbing hold or fell flat on their backsides. Lots of people got a good laugh over it, but I cringed every time. I’m not one to laugh at another’s expense. I’m far too empathetic.

You probably know where this story is going… During intermission, we all headed to the restrooms and the concession stand. We were on our way back to our seats. I knew damned well that that slick spot was coming up but it didn’t matter. I must have lost focus for just one moment and it was the wrong moment. I slipped. My feet flew forward, I tried to grab the handrail but I was moving too quickly. Next thing I know I was flat on my ass. 🙁 Matthew helped me up as he tried not to laugh. I could feel a million eyes burning into me. I shook it off, laughed it off, pretended that it didn’t hurt nearly as bad as it actually did. Ugh. I’ll never forget that awful moment! You know how when you first start dating someone, you try to be “so cool,” especially in front of their brothers and their girlfriends! Well, didn’t work so well for me that night. Oh well, at least I can look back on it & laugh.

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  • farzana

    November 29, 2013 at 3:05 am

    When we first met, There was this girl who tripped over a plastic bag, my husband laughed so hard at this! But I felt so bad for her…I scolded him for that & asked him not to laugh at people in pain.

  • James Moffitt

    November 29, 2013 at 8:56 am

    You know what people try to say. Oh honey, we are not laughing AT you we are laughing WITH you. Oh , give me a break, do you see ME laughing? NO…. LOL Poor thing, I can only imagine. My most embarrasing moment was when I was 17 and a bus boy at a local diner. The local basketball team had descended on us, arrived all at once and left all at once. Everyone was standing at the cash register and I had a bucket full of ditry dishes. I planted my left foot and kicked with the right to open the swinging doors to the kitchen. Little did I know the left foot planted squarely in a patch of grease. Everything was flying over my head in the direction of the basketball players as I landed on my butt in front of everyone. I got up and ran into the kitchen and left the mess where it was while everyone was laughing and picking the mess up for me. The owner of the diner had to calm me down and explain to me that this kind of thing happens and not to be embarrased. Easy for her to say. LOL

    1. Dena

      November 29, 2013 at 7:05 pm

      OOff… Falling (especially in front of people!) is the worst. Thanks for sharing, though. So good to know that I’m not alone. 😉

  • Scott

    December 1, 2013 at 8:28 am

    It was pretty embarrassing having to go to my high school prom in 1996 alone. The subsequent weekend down the shore, it all still huants me. I’ve said probably a million times during the past 17 years … I wish I could have taken my current wife with me to my high school prom and brought her down the shore. Because then I know I would have been on the complete opposite end. Instead of being the guy who couldn’t get a date and/or didn’t have a girlfriend, I’m the guy with the hottest girl, all the guys are jealous of me and all the girls are regretting their missed opportunity.

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