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Five on Friday // 5 Mommy Blogs with a Twist

DenaApril 28, 2017

5 Mommy Blogs // livelovesimple.com

Six months ago, when I cut back on social media, one of the biggest changes I made was that I stopped reading blogs. At the time, I had so much self-work to do, that I had to cut out all of the excess in my life — from relationships, to time spent on social media, to reading blogs, and more. I parsed my life down to the basics: my children, my health, and my closest, most supportive inner-circle. It was one of the best decisions that I ever made.

Now that things have settled down a whole bunch for me, at least emotionally and health-wise; I’ve gone back to reading the blogs that I love. Only this time, I took a chopping axe to my feedreader and only follow the ones that I absolutely love. I realized that I had been following a bunch of blogs that did not serve me well. The blogs that I follow now lift me up and inspire me — as all good relationships should.

This list does not include all of the blogs that I follow, but when it comes to mommy/lifestyle blogs (like mine) — these are my favorite. Each of these blogs has something much more special to offer than the standard run-of-the-mill mommy blog.

House Inhabit — Effortless style, honest words. This is a mother to four boys who has one of the most refreshing voices among all of the blogs that I read. Her laid back sense of self and authentic-manner of describing motherhood — and life — are a breath of fresh air in a blogging world that can sometimes be far too cotton-candy, fake-perfection for my taste.

The Stork and Beanstalk — Ashley is another straight-shooter. She is honest, at times brutally so, about the trials of life and of being a mother to three boys. I love that honestly deeply. On top of that she is an incredible photographer.

Taru Tuomi — When I first started reading Taru’s blog, she was living on a small ship, sailing around the world with her boyfriend. Her blog posts chronicled their adventures at sea, along with lots of inspirational content about life, health, and food. Since then, she has gotten into a new relationship, become pregnant, and is now settling down in a small village in her home country of Sweden. She is effortlessly beautiful and unabashedly honest.

Fire & Joy — Nirrimi’s blog is my all-time favorite. Hands down, if I had to pick a favorite among all of the blogs that I have ever read, it is hers. She is a true artist. Her photographs and stories are among the most beautiful things that I have seen in my lifetime. She is a young mother, living in Australia. It’s difficult for me to describe her. The only word that comes to mind is magic. You simply have to check out her work for yourself to understand.

Love Taza — Naomi’s blog is a feel-good blog, really. She keeps things upbeat and documents the daily adventures and spectacular travels of her beautiful family. What I enjoy most about this blog are the lovely photographs and the useful parenting advice. Naomi once shared that she and her husband always ask for the check at the beginning of the meal, so that they can make a quick exit when the little ones get antsy. That was some of the best parenting advice I’d ever read!

I hope that you enjoyed this little round-up, friends. I gave it a lot of thought and included the blogs that really make my heart sing! I hope you’ll like them, too.

I also want to take a moment to thank each of you who took the time to complete my survey! It has been such a joy and so very helpful to read your thoughts. I’ll share a bit about the insights that I received and my swirling thoughts for the future of this space really soon. In the meantime, if you haven’t completed the survey, please do. Your thoughts & opinions mean so much to me!

Have a lovely weekend, friends. xo

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