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Gerber BabyNes: a smart way to nourish the greatness in your baby

DenaApril 21, 2017

Baby Nes //

As a mother, I am always looking for ways to keep my babies healthy and happy. I suppose that this is true for all parents. It is our greatest hope to know that we are taking the greatest care of our little ones.

Recently, I was introduced to Gerber’s BabyNes system and I’m excited to talk about it today. When it comes to nutrition and little ones, every parent knows just how overwhelming it all can be. Especially in those early days when it seems like there are ten thousand decisions to make at one time. One of the biggest decisions that we make as new parents is whether our babies will be breastfed, formula-fed, or some combination of the two.

For family’s that choose formula or in cases where breast milk is not an option, parents want to know that what they choose will be as close to breast milk as possible. For those supplementing, they want an option that stays in sync with their breast milk. Inspired by the evolving composition of breast milk, BabyNes by Gerber was developed to closely match a child’s changing nutritional needs.

Gerber BabyNes //

With 6 formulas tailored to your baby’s needs, no other formula is scientifically designed to evolve at precise stages in baby’s development and stay in sync constantly, giving parents confidence that this is the next best to breast milk. In addition, to the nutritional benefits of BabyNes, the system is so convenient, baby’s bottle is ready in less than a minute. It’s perfectly mixed, precisely measured and comes out at just the right temperature. The formula flows directly from the capsule into the bottle. It’s wonderfully simple, which is exactly what every new parent needs.

Although both of my babies were exclusively breastfed through infancy, I would have liked to have nursed them for two years and that didn’t happen for us. I often worried that all of their nutritional needs were not being met. One of the wonderful things about BabyNes is that the formulas are designed to meet babies needs from newborn, all the way through to two-years-old.

Gerber BabyNes //

At 18 months, Marina is now getting the 13-24 months toddler milk drink. These capsules are made to compliment her diet. Knowing that she will get the right nutrients as she starts eating solid foods puts my mind at ease.

Click here to learn more about the BabyNes machine and formulas. BabyNes is available for purchase on the BabyNes site and on Amazon. It is also available in-store in the NYC area at Buy Buy Baby and Giggles.

Gerber BabyNes //

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