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DenaOctober 29, 2013

House of Sass

As a blogger, I am always excited to connect with new friends & sponsors to the site. However, sometimes a small business owner reaches out to me and I truly connect with their mission. That’s what happened when I heard from Heather of House of Sass. Heather is a mother, a wife, and an alcoholic in recovery. Talk about a full plate, huh! What’s more amazing is that on top of everything else, she is also an entrepreneur. Heather recently launched House of Sass as a place for crafters and artisans to push their artistic crafts, without being charged an overpriced “per item” fee for listing products. House of Sass doesn’t even retain a percentage when an artist sells an item — artists are charged only a flat monthly fee that is affordable, even to “the Starving Artist.”

As an artist (photographer) myself, I know how frustrating it can be to utilize the big name websites to offer your art and services. You put so much of your soul and passion into your work only to end up giving a big chunk of your income to a website that — let’s face it — really doesn’t need or deserve your money. So when Heather reached out and asked to present House of Sass to my community, I was really happy to. House of Sass is home to services and products of all types of artistic creators. Custom fashion designers, furniture makers, bakers who create one-of-a-kind wedding cakes, architects, graphic designers, photographers, writers, interior designers, tattoo artists, DJ’s and even magicians are all welcome! Whatever the craft, House of Sass has a room ready to rent within its walls!

So, what is your craft? Right now House of Sass is giving away six months free. You have nothing to lose. No contracts, fees, or commitments. Give it a try by signing up at Use Coupon Code “Sass6” at checkout to get six months of membership for free.

Even if you are not an artist or crafter, head over to the site to check out the selection and support the artists there. My favourite section is the “House of Sass Baby” section. (Surprise, surprise!) There are lots of cute gift ideas for sweet babes. Just look at this precious, hand-knit mermaid outfit. Oh my goodness… if I had a daughter I’d never take it off of her!


Don’t forget to check out House of Sass on Facebook, too! Thank you for supporting our site’s sponsors.

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